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What is so great about Charleston?  That is the question this website attempts to answer and the primary reason it was created.


Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding Lowcountry is a naturally beautiful and culturally unique region of the United States.  This region has seen increased popularity and accolades both nationally and internationally in recent years.  The secret is quickly spreading that Charleston is undoubtedly a hot spot of global travel and tourism.


A deep appreciation for the character and charm of this historic area lies at the heart of this website.  This appreciation is foremost expressed and shared via Charleston Lowcountry Photography, a local Charleston business and the core element of this website.  Special emphasis is given to capturing the architecture, culture, and landscape of Charleston.  Additional attention is given to the specific activities and landmarks that make Charleston an unforgettable place to visit.


If you live here; if you are visiting; if you have never heard of Charleston before - you are sure to appreciate it in some capacity.  Charleston will easily take a special place in your heart if you let it.  The hope is that this website grows that appreciation even further.


Thank you for visiting this website and for your interest in the Charleston Lowcountry.  Check out more information on our social media pages.  Photography prints are sold at the Charleston City Night Market.


©Charleston Lowcountry Photography

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